News: SwipeSense Drastically Reduces Cost of Hospital RTLS

SwipeSense Drastically Reduces Cost of Hospital Real-Time Location Systems with Launch of Asset Tracking Application

AT-hero+(1)Today we announced the official launch of Asset Tracking on the SwipeSense Platform. In line with our mission to enable hospitals to deliver the most efficient and safest care possible, Asset Tracking allows staff to instantly locate and track equipment they need.

An average US hospital loses up to $4,000 worth of equipment per staffed patient bed every year. Not only does that have a fiscal impact, but this equipment is often critical to patient outcomes.

To address this challenge, hospital Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) have been available for over 15 years from legacy providers. Due to the cost, complexity and poor accuracy of these systems, fewer than 1/5th of US hospitals leverage RTLS for tracking their medical assets, despite the overwhelming clinical, financial and operational benefits.

SwipeSense identified the challenges associated with existing technologies and set out to create a fully-managed Asset Tracking system, with room-level accuracy for a fraction of the cost of current offerings. With the launch of this new product, RTLS is no longer reserved for facilities with the latest IT infrastructure or massive capital budgets.    

With SwipeSense Asset Tracking, hospitals can:

  • Decrease costs – materials management can reduce asset loss and optimize purchasing or rental decisions with tagged assets.

  • Increase staff productivity – clinicians can locate the right equipment at the right time with room-level location accuracy.

  • Create a safer patient experience – biomed can achieve 100% preventative maintenance and recall compliance with an intuitive dashboard.

Asset Tracking joins SwipeSense’s industry leading Hand Hygiene application on the SwipeSense Platform. Both applications leverage a shared hardware infrastructure allowing facilities to add new applications on top of an existing implementation without having to replace existing devices.

"The work on hand hygiene with SwipeSense over the preceding two years gave us great confidence that they could extend the technology successfully to Asset Tracking." - Mark Zielazinski, Chief Information & Technology Integration Officer at Marin General Hospital

Hospitals are already seeing an impact with the solution.  “Over the years our facility had looked at purchasing an Asset Tracking system from various legacy vendors, but the cost was always astronomical,” admits Zielazinski, “SwipeSense was able to provide a superior offering, at a fraction of the cost of previous proposals, making it an absolute no-brainer. We’ve since implemented the product house-wide tagging over 1,400 assets and are already seeing the results.”  

For more information about Asset Tracking visit: or schedule a demo today!

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