Introducing SwipeSense’s NextGen Platform

A single, integrated healthcare platform can save you time and money.

Since the 2023 merger of SwipeSense and Clean Hands - Safe Hands, we’ve been hard at work integrating the best of both systems. The SwipeSense NextGen System is a simple solution for hospitals and healthcare systems that prioritize patient safety and staff well-being. New and updated features include:

Accurate, unobtrusive hand hygiene monitoring

SwipeSense’s updated IoT platform works seamlessly in the background, without any extra effort required from busy clinical staff. It starts with Hygiene Sensors mounted on the side of any soap or alcohol based hand sanitizer dispensers. These sensors communicate with our hardware ecosystem of thin, lightweid badge reels, entry sensors, and location hubs to accurately record the performance and location of hand hygiene. 

Staff do not need to alter their workflows; no extra steps are required to “get credit” for hand hygiene, so employees can focus completely on meeting patient needs. 

The SwipeSense Hand Hygiene application electronically collects, shares, and converts hand hygiene data into an easy-to-read dashboard. Charge nurses, infection control personnel, and hospital leaders can monitor the hand hygiene of units, shifts, individuals, employee groups, and the hospital at large — even across entire hospital systems.

Open-bay monitoring

In the past, electronic hand hygiene monitors could not accurately track hand hygiene in open-bay areas, such as post-anesthesia care units and newborn intensive care units. The SwipeSense NextGen System can do just that. Our Location Hubs with an advanced algorithm provide coverage throughout the entire hospital and can accurately (and unobtrusively) detect the movement and actions of healthcare providers in open-bay settings. 

The Leapfrog hand hygiene standard requires hospitals to collect hand hygiene data from all patient care areas, including open-bay areas. With electronic open bay monitoring, hospitals and health systems can quickly, easily, and efficiently collect this data. There is no need for expensive, time-consuming direct observation for hand hygiene.

EHR integration

To thrive, today’s health systems need to streamline operations and optimize existing resources. The SwipeSense NextGen System integrates with electronic health records (EHR) – but never interacts with protected health information. This integration facilitates efficient clinical workflows. 

The SwipeSense Asset Tracking application, for instance, can help staff members access critical equipment in minutes because the system “knows” which rooms are occupied and which are not. An IV pump that has been tagged with an Asset Tag and is in an unoccupied room (perhaps one that’s recently been vacated by a discharged patient) will be flagged as available, so staff can quickly obtain needed equipment without conducting time-consuming room-by-room searchers. 

Real-time voice reminder 

The SwipeSense NextGen electronic hand hygiene application includes a completely customizable Real-Time Voice Reminder. When staff members do not clean their hands in a timely manner after entering a patient room, a human voice will remind them to perform hand hygiene. 

That’s significant because research has consistently shown that non-verbal reminders – audible alarms, flashing lights – quickly become background “noise” that may be ignored by focused clinicians. In contrast, humans are hard-wired to pay attention to the human voice. Timely hand hygiene reminders boost hand hygiene rates, which may decrease rates of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Real-time voice reminders offer in-the-moment feedback that meets Leapfrog’s hand hygiene standard. SwipeSense is the only company that has the technology to provide automatic, in-the-moment, audible feedback to drive better hand hygiene practices and create accountability.

Hospitals and health systems can customize the Real-Time Voice Reminders. The volume can be adjusted for night shifts. If desired, hospital leaders can record and upload tailored reminders. And because the SwipeSense system integrates with electronic health records, it can also automatically adapt the voice reminder to “please use soap and water” in rooms occupied by patients with suspected or confirmed C. difficile infection

Enterprise-level reporting 

Hospital mergers and acquisitions present all kinds of opportunities for efficiency. But to detect those opportunities, hospital executives must first have a good idea of what’s going on in each hospital within a health system. The SwipeSense NextGen System allows hospital executives to easily monitor crucial data across multiple locations.

When used with the full suite of SwipeSense applications – Hand Hygiene Monitoring, Asset Tracking, Nursing Insights, and Contact Tracing – leaders can quickly spot fluctuations in hand hygiene compliance, track the movement and utilization of medical devices and equipment across facilities, monitor hourly rounding of nursing staff, and view open contact tracing cases. This information can be used to effectively deploy resources and funds to improve patient care. 

Employee directory sync

Manual data entry is time-consuming and expensive. That’s why the SwipeSense NextGen System is designed to integrate with your employee directory. New employees can be automatically added to the system, with access to applications set based upon the employee’s status and role. Exiting employees immediately lose access to the system; there’s no need to manually review employee lists and remove staff members who have terminated employment or retired. 

Get in touch to learn more about how the SwipeSense NextGen System and suite of applications can help you save time and money.